A HUGE Success – Hot Topics Silicon Valley 2013

This post was first published by Richard Fogg on the CCgroup blog.


It’s pretty exciting to be a strategic partner of Hot Topics. For those of you that don’t know Hot Topics – shame on you! – but in short it’s the platform through which global technology leaders, innovators and influencers connect, understand and shape the industry. Great in itself, but late last month it got even cooler.

We’ve run successful events in London, Barcelona and Stockholm in the last year. But last month we took a massive leap and ran our first event in Silicon Valley.

It was brilliant (OK, I’m biased, but the feedback from the attendees was great). We had two fantastic panels – one on the next billion dollar tech disruption and another on the challenges and opportunities in taking your company global, followed by some very high quality networking. I won’t recount the panels here because you can watch the highlights video instead.

We know from our own research that in B2B tech circles, personal relationships and networks have a major influence on purchase decisions, investments etc. So as a tech PR agency, it’s critical that we support highly valuable initiatives like Hot Topics – it helps the industry and it helps our clients.

And there’s never a dull moment (or quarter) when it comes to Hot Topics. On November 12th Hot Topics London takes place. We have got two brilliant panels starring some more excellent speakers. If you’d like to be considered for an invitation, please drop us a line on hottopics@ccgrouppr.com

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