Are Car Keys Soon to be a Thing of the Past?

This post was first published by Steph Jackman on March Communications’ blog PR Nonsense.

Social media innovation is a common blog topic here at March PR, whether it be a controversial new Facebook policy, or a new, up and coming social media platform. In August I blogged about new technology that acts as a social network for your car, making drivers’ lives not only easier, but safer.

Today I read a Mashable article about new technology that will make car travel even more seamless, thanks to everyone’s favorite gadget: their smart phone. By 2015, Hyundai Motor Company, with Broadcom Corporation, will develop a connected car system that will use embedded near-field communication (NFC) chips in smart phones to open car doors and start engines. And, when the phone is placed in the car’s center console it can stream the driver’s favorite music, set radio preferences and adjust mirror and seat settings…among other features.

While I think the convenience factor with a technology such as this is undeniable, this could also present serious safety concerns for drivers. As Liz notes in her recent blog post, ‘It Can Wait,’ the fatalities caused by texting and driving have lead to numerous nationwide safety campaigns. So, for Hyundai’s technology to have full consumer support, safety will need to be a serious factor during the development stages. Maybe the touch screen settings don’t work when the car is driving at a certain speed? Or prior to launch, Hyundai partners with a pre-existing driving safety campaign to show its commitment to road safety? Either way, the safety of drivers while using this technology is something Hyundai will need to seriously consider before the product goes to market.

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