Behind the Retweet: What Makes a Blog Post Popular

Think about the type of blog post that interests you. Why does it catch your attention? Is it informative, funny, or short and sweet?

After seeing people retweet my previous blog post about why PR pros should embrace Twitter, I wondered why this post was popular. The topic obviously interested me, but it wasn’t a groundbreaking idea. Other posts that I wrote involved statistics, quoted articles, and took time to create—but they weren’t popular.

I looked at the content of posts with hundreds of views and retweets. I studied the social media pro Chris Brogan’s blog. I thought about what I like to read. Eventually, I came up with a list to answer the burning question: what makes a blog post popular?

1.) Bullet points

Reading a blog should be quick and easy. Bullet points instantly make text easier to read. Bold words help, too.

2.) Questions

Don’t you think they’re a great way to catch readers’ attention?

3.) Tips & Tricks

Everyone likes advice. Especially advice that is put into a neat list.

4.) Short Sentences

Keep posts interesting. Make reading easy and quick.

5.) Pictures

Web browsing can leave you with a 9-second attention span— the same as a goldfish. Pictures can attract those wondering minds and keep readers focused on the article.

To all the readers and bloggers–what else makes a blog post popular?

This post was first published by Rachel Leamon on March Communications’ blog, PR Nonsense, and may be viewed here.

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