CleanEnergy Project Among Global Top Clean Energy Blogs

„we’re among the 4 German language Blogs within the global Top100 Clean Energy Blogs sparkah.com/top-100-clean-… @CleanEnergyPro @CorneliaDaniel @100erneuerbar

This Tweet by @energynet reached me two days ago. OMG our CleanEnergy Project belongs to the global Top100 Clean Energy Blogs? Excitedly, I followed the link to a list of 100 Twitter profiles of persons, blogs and websites reporting on sustainability, renewable energy and environmental topics.

Top of the list – I can hardly believe it – is our CleanEnergy Project. “Here tweets CleanEnergy Project Editor-in-Chief Corinna Lang about renewable energies, cleantech & sustainability“, the description reads.  Intrigued I scroll further down the list and discover: Leonardo DiCaprio! The crush of my teenage years and I on the same list – if somebody had told me about this 15 years ago …

Apart from actor and environmentalist DiCaprio the list also includes the US climate activist Bill McKibben, The Climate Group, Renewable EnergyNews and the International Energy Agency (IEA). The 100 Top-Blogs ranking was published by „Sparkah“, a US company offering strategic offline and online guerilla marketing support.



In mid May 2013 our CleanEnergy Project online magazine, founded and operated by GlobalCom PR-Network, was already voted “best internet portal for alternative energies and environmental topics” by German readers and received the Internet Magazin Award 2013.

Corinna Lang

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