Doing B2B Technology PR right – it’s all in the value

This blog post was first published on CCgroup by Will Gardiner

In one of my previous posts, I announced the launch of the Business Technology PR stream and the research that accompanied it, focusing on the ways in which IT decision makers in UK businesses selected their suppliers.


The research looked at the content and information sources they relied upon, those they trusted and those they simply did not rate – if you haven’t seen it, the full white paper is available here, and there is an infographic that gives the headline view here.

Whilst collating the data and working out what it all meant, we quickly noticed how the preferred information sources differed according to the value of the IT investment concerned. We therefore created the full research document “How do IT decision makers choose their suppliers?” and then also created a spin-off white paper focusing on the changes in process and preferences that occurred as the value of the IT changes. Read more

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