Finland: Tops and Flops in international PR

Today our series features Jukka Laikari of IFPR (http://www.ifpr.fi/), GlobalCom PR Network’s partner agency in Finland, as he gives us some insights into “Tops and Flops” in the Finnish market.

PR Topics – Tops and Flops

Most of the ways of distributing information to journalists still work in Finland – from press releases to the pitching of ideas – and the right way always depends on the case. Product news is sometimes a big thing –  an excellent example was the launch of the iPhone5. Topic setting works in other cases. Expert comments are less used, but valuable.

How important is industry expertise in your daily PR work?

Industry expertise is not always a must – it also depends on the industry.

Pharma, IT and finance are typical examples of industries where expertise is needed. On the other hand, lifestyle, FMCGs, and sometimes real estate are examples of areas where expert comments are not so necessary.

Are integrated international PR programs beneficial for your work?

Integrated international PR programs have their upsides and downsides.

The Finnish way of communicating is very much fact-oriented. Due to this way of describing things, the amount of superlatives and sometimes also comments need a lot of adaptation, especially when the original release comes from a US or UK-agency.

This may also be the reason why there are less in-sync international programs in Finland than in many other European markets.

Having offices in Finland, Ukraine and Spain, we are actually quite often involved in cross border / culture PR, but in a smaller scale. Most often they are activities between two different markets and then the PR-material is often produced originally for both of them separately.

I though think that a good international network with quick response times is still essential for our work.

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