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The future of PR is an often debated topic. Most debated is whether there’s a future at all, how all agencies are doomed to ultimate failure, how PR pros just aren’t able to adapt to the changing landscape, etcetera etcetera.

Usually these posts or pieces are written by someone with a vested interest of course, whether trying to sell the next big stunning insight via a marketing book or blog post, or alternatively sitting on the opposite side of the fence to the one that is doomed.

This piece however, is interesting because it hits on some of the things that are actually changing.

The insight comes from Edelman Digital’s David Armano and Ebay’s chief blogger Richard Brewer-Hay, from a panel at SXSW called “Why the future may not look like PR’, and came originally from  Becky Johns. She also wrote a piece summarizing things worth noticing at this year’s SXSW.

Thinking about both pieces, it is clear that PR needs to become more focused…more personalized…more targeted…more tailored….more bespoke. This flies in the face of agency economies of scale. It takes agencies a lot longer these days to identify and track the people and opportunities it needs to because target audiences and interactions have become that much more diverse.

Perhaps it is time to stop trying to influence everyone possible and rather strategically focus on just those that matter?

This post was first published by Martin Jones on March Communications’ blog, PR Nonsense, and may be viewed here.

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