GlobalCom PR-Network supports Clean Tech Media Award 2009

The who is who in clean tech business as well as celebrities from culture, media, economy and politics could be spotted on the green carpet of the German Clean Tech Media Award gala last Thursday in Berlin.

Sustainability made in Germany – that’s what Clean Tech Media Award (CTMA) is all about. Together, Pioneers of climate protection and VIPs with concern for our environment lobby for an improved ecological awareness. GlobalCom PR-Network GmbH is one of the partners and sponsors of the Award.

The CMTA honours exceptional green projects and green technology in the categories “Technology”, “Sustainability”, “Culture & Media” and “New Research Talent”.

Check out the video to view the comments of award winners and sponsors of the Clean Tech Media Award 2009 including Ralf Harmann, founder of GlobalCom PR-Network GmbH and the CleanEnergy Project.




More information: www.cleantech-award.de and www.cleanenergy-project.de

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