Happy St. Patrick’s day – did you know …

… the St. Patrick’s day parade in Munich is the second largest one outside of Ireland – only the one in New York City is bigger !

Although I’d give extra points to Chicago for colouring their river green every year.

It was my first year of joining the event – must be a serious lack of PR.

After walking from Muenchener Freiheit in Schwabing to Odeon’s square with the parade and listening to a lot of bagpipe music and half a dozed politician and representatives – who managed to be surprisingly entertaining – I was surprised to see Johnny Logan popping up 2 meters in front of me on the stage but happily sang along to everything from “Hold me now” to “the Irish Rover”.

Some fans were wearing “the original JLo” T-Shirts – very nice merchandise with all benefits going to a cancer charity. Guinness marketing was having a field day and you could see everything from pint hats to dancing pints – or just drink one.

So happy St. Patrick’s day to the “Irish-Bayrisch” community, all Irish and Ireland fans around the world.

Wibke – GlobalCom PR Network Munich

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