Music Competition introduces Social Media Marketing to Students

In partnership with GlobalCom PR  Network SANYO launched a music competition inviting students from German and British  music schools  and universities.

Since  it has been launched at this year ‘s  Musikmesse , the field recorder Sanyo Xacti ICR-XPS01M has received top  assessments and test results.  In addition to professional musicians using the recorder for field recording and spontaneous studio sessions,  the recorder is also very popular with music students and semi-professional musicians.  This has been the basis for the idea to invite British and German conservatories to a music competition. The campaign is supported by social media channels and viral marketing.

Every participating school received several recorders at the beginning of the competition. They were handed out to the students enabling them to easily record their own music and to upload it to the competition website www.xacti-fm.com. The winner of the competition will be elected via public voting.

Therefore the competition also depends on the students efforts in promoting their songs. The participants have got plenty of possibilities for promotion such as social media channels like Facebook which also has it’s own competition fan page, Twitter or other communities, special competition blogs as well as music blogs and many other options.

As an incentive for the public to visit the competition site and to listen and vote for the songs SANYO is giving away weekly prices. The best students of each university can win sound recorders and the overall winner will win a 5000 Euro voucher for music equipment.

Visit www.xacti-fm.com to listen, vote and win yourself.

Tobias Hartmann

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