NFV, certainly not as easy as 123, but not far off

This post was first published by Paul Nolan on the CCgroup PR blog.

Three letters have dominated the agenda at TM Forum Live this week – N-F-V.

TM Forum Live! 2014 Nice, France

Network function virtualisation has been discussed at length for the last 18 months or so. Inevitably for the telecoms industry, what started as disruptive network innovation is now being clouded by incessant hype. Will the mobile PR industry, please take a bow…

The mobile industry loves to eulogise over the ‘next big thing.’ I’ve been heavily involved in the industry for the last ten years and remember small cells being heralded as the capacity crunch silver bullet, RCS bounding up as the solution to the OTT messaging threat and more recently, big data being the tide turner for declining operator revenue.

This does not mean to say that these technologies won’t all be hugely successful… RCS, although launched a few years’ ago received something of a shot in the arm this week with some positive survey sentiment from the global operator community. Better late than never…Read More


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