Pay any „wurst“ by Credit Card and get a coffee for free

A lot of people here in Germany are suffering from the so called „Denglish“ – a language mixture of German and English words. This is not only a conflict between the older and the younger generation, but also a conflict between traditionalists trying to save the German language and new technologies or terms, which might cause comprehension conflicts, if you try to translate them.  This development, accelerated by new markets and their terminology as well as by Globalization, does not only concern German-speaking nations.  Google actually shows that many other nations have to cope with the „anglisising“ of their language, too .

But, obviously, we Germans can`t take a joke concerning influencing our language, so vengeance called down immediately. This was the beginning of “Engman”. “Engman” is my neologism for a new language using German words in the English language. These are several examples for this movement:  “to abseil”, “the angst”, “the autobahn”, “the wunderkind” and “the bratwurst”. My favorite is this very last example.  To prove the existence of this word in the English language web, please visit the website of Kurz & Lang Bratwurst Company.

The diner and take-away selling German sausages in the center of London serves every kind of sausages like  “Käsewurst ” – wurst  with cheese,  “Krakauer ” –  smoked  wurst ,  “Frankfurter ” – boiled wurst, the famous German Bratwurst or Germany`s most famous fast-food-dish:  ” Currywurst ” . Sauerkraut, Brezen (soft bread pretzels) and German Beer are completing the offer of the Bratwurst Company. Special offers like “Pay any “wursts” with your American Express Card and get a coffee of your choice for free” are supposed to attract people from all over the world. And as the Britons are known for their politeness, you can hear “Guten Appetit” (Enjoy your meal) all day long at the Bratwurst company.

Have you ever read a text in English with your mother-tongue popping up every second word? This is really funny…

Steffi Nunberger

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