PR 2.0 – GlobalCom employees in the blogosphere

Today we report here on our own account: Jessica, Account Manager in the Munich Office and consulting the microstock agency Shutterstock amongst others, was interviewed by Robert Stoegmann, the operator of, about her collaboration with bloggers. Robert in his blog asks other bloggers about their concept and about all questions around blogging – with growing success.

In the opinion of Jessica and many of her colleagues more and more bloggers will become equal opinion leaders in addition to journalists. Bloggers are usually experts in a field and sometimes better informed than a journalist. Moreover, information flows can now much less be controlled or managed. Hence, companies must build up and maintain relationships to bloggers.

A good example of a successful public relations work with bloggers is Shutterstock: for the microstock agency, we maintain close ties to bloggers, as well as journalists. Therefore we bring bloggers, equal with journalists, in touch with the management. Questions and concerns of bloggers will be answered as quickly and reliably as concerns of journalists. “A blogger told me once on the phone that this is not granted. For other photo agencies his e-mails – the preferred communication channel of bloggers, with some I have never spoken directly – are not even answered. Calls to the Public Relations Department are not put through,”says Jessica. It is therefore time that even more companies see the public weight of bloggers and learn to deal with it.

Read the full interview in German.

Ralf Hartmann

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