PR Trends in Serbia 2014

Bojana Stankovic

Our pre-christmas contribution to our current PR series comes from our partner in Serbia. Mrs. Bojana Stankovic, Account Director at Smartvision is the author of today’s post.

Traditional media are in the process of dying.

Clearly defined and presented prices of traditional press releases placing news in the media, slightly blur the borders between public relations and advertising. In general, on local market where media has lost its primary meaning, we have upraising of independent, free communication systems, new communication technologies.

Expansion of the Internet in last decade opened up new development opportunities to communicate to the public. Blogs, websites and social networks took the leading role in every PR strategy.

Communication becomes again exchange of views, and the single person has taken a significant role as a influential messenger.

It is popular to be blogger.Blogerka[2]

They become respected members of the community and “leaders”, so many companies recognized them as potential megaphones to wider public circles.

In 2014. in Serbia blogs become media number one for brand awareness, news realizes and product placing.

On the other side, Social networks have led to the turnaround and the media are now the ones who listen, and readers, viewers and users are those whose word and opinion can be heard further. Whether we like it or not, it is unacceptable not to have a facebook page, LinkedIn profile or Tweeter account.

So in my opinion the ranking of PR trends in 2014 would be:

1.  Blog as one of the most important tools in modern communications. Consider bloggers as a very important weapon in the case of placing news. They are the ones thanks to whom the public/consumers will be linked to your brand, garner trust in your campaigns and believe your messages.

2. Her Majesty social media plays an major role in PR strategies

3. Almost completly erasing of the boundaries between the channels of communication. Integrated campaigns gives results!


Stay tuned for more PR trends from various countries on our blog and ongoing series.


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