PR Trends of 2014 in France

This Thurdays blog post on our current series PR Trends in 2014 is featured by Julien Monet of Agence Monet + Associés GlobalCom PR Network member in France.


“Although the French PR sector shrank by about 4.8%* in 2014, we feel it’s a very attractive market. Many agencies are trying to change their day-to-day practices to make the shift from being a media relations agency to a complete PR agency. Social media activity is really driving this change because it involves data analysis, content production and results measurement. The development of new technology tools means that we can do our job more efficiently, so these new opportunities offer a promising future.

1. Data Analysis

Social media monitoring tools let us listen to consumers and precisely analyse what they think of a brand. Thanks to these tools, we can define core insights and adapt our messages more accurately, to be more efficient.

2. Content Production

Content is R.O.I. PR campaigns have never had such a need for original content to stand out. Consumers are drowning in information. Creative content is the only way for a brand to get noticed and create a preference. Today, the notion of preference is really important for consumers. We buy what we prefer.

3. Measurement 

The new web-driven metrics give our clients more visibility about ROI – and this gives us a central role in our clients’ business. PR agencies have become important partners in companies’ ecosystem.

In conclusion, we can say that PR in France is coming out of a rough patch, but a lot of opportunities are emerging for those agencies who want to change.”

Capture d’écran 2014-11-27 à 11.39.14.jpg



The image shows a monitoring tool which displays the links of influence between media, social networks, forums and blogs.

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