Read or view? Video Interviews in Online Magazines

More and more magazines produce video interviews and case studies for their online versions.

Recently we met an editor and video team of Chip magazine with our client SugarSync. Laura Yecies, CEO of SugarSync, was asked to present the options the cloud service offers for end users and SMBs in a video interview.

With the flood of information growing every day many magazines try to offer their customers an alternative to reading and present new products or services in short videos. In some cases – e.g. Chip magazine – the video is part of an article. This way the recipient can choose whether he prefers to read the information or watch the video.

For editors focused on producing written content, the new format presents a variety of challenges. Some editors enjoy the spotlight and discover new talents, but not every journalist is suited to be a video editor as well. Depending on the format the editor is also requested to act as translator and to transfer the answers of the interview partner – often given in English – directly into the local language.

Whether media houses choose to establish in-house video teams or to cooperate with external partners, they all agree: the investment pays out as click rates proof that the videos are very well accepted by the recipients.

Wibke Sonderkamp – GlobalCom PR-Network Munich

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