The Hunger Games’ Social Media Phenomenon

It’s accurate to say that there are a few of us in the office that are obsessed with The Hunger Games trilogy, myself being one of them. In fact, we’ve pre-ordered tickets to the movie and have each watched the trailer at least five times. For obsessed fans like us, the upcoming movie’s engaging social media campaign is a dream come true.

Yesterday, a Twitter campaign was announced for die-hard fans that just can’t wait until March 23rd when the movie premieres. Lionsgate will give away tickets to 24 advanced screenings (representing the 24 tributes in the trilogy) to those that tweet specific hashtags related to their nearby cities. For example, tweeting #HungerGamesBOS could grant you the opportunity to watch Katniss fight to the death before all your friends.  The top four cities with the most tweets will be unveiled each day, and fans will then be able to enter to win tickets to those locations.

But that isn’t all. In true Capitol fashion, there’s always more. Fans can also follow @TheCapitolPN for updates about characters and the plot as well as links back to The Hunger Games‘ various Facebook pages. The franchise has claimed 12 separate Facebook pages for each district, as well as the main Facebook page for the film.

I think this is a premiere example of a movie franchise doing a great job leveraging an already-engaged fan base. I, like many readers, felt a connection with many of the characters while reading through the series. With a social media campaign that fosters further engagement with the story line, the level of excitement for the premiere will only increase.

I will be interested to see how The Hunger Games movie trilogy does in comparison to past powerhouse movie series such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

This post was first published by Stephanie Jackman on March Communications’ blog, PR Nonsense, and may be viewed here.

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