The Lucky 13 – Billion Dollar Internet Start-ups

Each month there are literally tens of thousands of companies started around the world. A recent infographic by Staff, shows the 13 start-up stars in the public spotlight.

Facebook’s market value is currently higher than the combined value of the others, even without including its recent acquisition, Instagram. The value and seize of the rated companies however differ Groupon e.g. has the most employees whereas one of my favorites, Instagram, a company with a mere 19 employees managed to rocket to its high-profile acquisition of an estimated US$1-billion by Facebook in 2012 within the span of just two years.

While out of all the thousands and thousands of companies started each month, there are only a few that get to call themselves a billion dollar startup by turning the rare combination of an innovative idea, and the right utilization of technology with the right timing and contacts into a success, there are some more companies worth taking a look at.

The New York Times did the math and came up with a number between 25 and 40 startups that now have billion dollar plus valuations. For more billion-dollar startups check out this comprehensive list by Wallstreet Journal.

By Wibke Sonderkamp, PR Director at GlobalCom PR Network

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