The PR Market in 2014 in Mexico City

This Thursday’s contribution is coming from Adriana De Vizcaya, Account Manager at Lead Image, GlobalCom partner in Mexico.

Adriana De Vizcaya

The PR industry in Mexico has become more specialized in the content and the connections that the brands has with its customers; the PR expert need to understand the city insights and where the audience is.


Talent Needed yellow road warning sign to illustrate a need to f1. Talent: The PR is becoming more specialized in different kinds of industries and is developing a personal and honest working relationship; the PR professional need to understand about the company’s business objectives in order to develop PR strategies focus on how the positive reputation can become a benefit for the company.

 2. The Brand Story: The PR Market in Mexico is focusing on develop emotions and experiences with relevant content that can help the companies to create a conversations between the audience and the brand, in which the message has to become memorable

3The PR 2.0: The social media is growing faster, the public relations is moving to develop messages that can be helpful in the zero moment of truth, meaning as in the way consumers search for information online and make decisions about brands; the PR has to create a connection of possibilities between brands and customers with different kinds of insights.

How To Be The Best And The Leader

It doesn’t matter where you from, the goal of every PR around the world is to be the exclusive source for all the information about its clients and to develop the collective and individual connections with the key messages.


Author: Adriana De Vizcaya – Account Manager at Lead Image – adevizcaya@leadimage.com


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