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Compiled by Ashley Rickert, Jennifer Connelly Public Relations

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When Does Gating Make Sense for Content Marketing?

Gated content is when content is stored online behind a password-protected area – versus being publically available. This article delves into how and when gated content is appropriate for companies to use in order to generate leads.


Branding in the Inbound Agenew_inbound_branding_cover_image

A perfect example of gated content, this free report from HubSpot advises companies how to transform their branding in the age of “inbound” marketing. Inbound marketing is the art and science of creating quality content that pulls people toward your company, product or service by aligning content to your customer’s interests –and is a critical tool in the age of digital media.

5 Words and Phrases to Delete From Your PR Vocabulary

Spoiler alert: PR News editor Matthew Schwartz recommends avoiding…

  • To be honest with you…
  • Moving forward
  • Frankly
  • Value proposition
  • Synergy

Read the full post to find out why – and get a laugh or two along the way!

Memo to the BuzzFeed Team from CEO


While it is ostensibly an internal memo, BuzzFeed’s CEO and Founder Jonah Peretti wisely used LinkedIn’s B2B platform to establish his company as a thought leader in all things digital media including the platform’s increasing focus on hard news and video.



Recruiters Are Increasingly Adopting Marketing Tactics in Fierce Competition to Hire


A 2013 Jobvite study shows that social recruiting drives greater referrals, and increases candidate quality, quantity and time-to-hire. Social leaders LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter lead the way, but specialized/localized social networks are on the rise including GitHub, Yammer, Stackoverflow, Pinterest and Instagram.

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