Twittering from a different angle – early bird communication problems

While Twitter might change our communication habits today the original „twitterers“ are facing a completely different communication problem. The Dutch University of Leiden published survey results confirming how the growing noise level in cities is causing communication problems among the bird population.

Bird species relying on their twittering for courtship are trying desperately to compete against the background noise. TheDutch ornithologists determined an unusual high-pitched twittering of city based birds such as the great tit. The scientists now assume the development of completely new bird languages or accents, which might make communication between city and country birds nearly impossible in the future.

Bird1 “Yaouw cor understan’ anythen yaouw soy eya, cos it’s so loud.”
Bird 2 “”Beg you pardon? I’m not from around here”

Wibke Sonderkamp

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