What Blog Topics Get the Most Traffic?

This blog post was first published by Meredith L. Eaton on March Communications blog, PR Nonsense.

Maintaining a blog is a great social media tool to showcase thought leadership and involvement in your industry, but one of the main purposes of a blog is also to attract visitors to your website. To keep a high readership, it’s important to produce content that’s relevant, newsworthy, and… here’s the key… timely!

Blogging on relevant topics and current events generates big traffic! It seems like a simple idea, but to show just how important this can be, three years ago, March blogged on 9/11 in this post: Remembering 9/11- The Impact of New Technology. At the time, it was extremely relevant and timely as it was published on one of the most significant anniversaries in U.S. history.

At the time, it generated a good amount of traffic, but, what’s more, just last week, on the 11th anniversary of the September 11th attack on the NYC World Trade Center, it still got a record number of visits. In fact, all last week, this one extremely timely post got a lot of attention…. and I mean a lot. On the actual anniversary of 9/11, it got close to 300 percent more views than our average post, making it our busiest blog traffic day in March’s history! Don’t believe me? Check out the chart below:

While monumental events won’t happen every day for you to blog on, keeping an eye on these types of big events can mean big traffic for your site. Not relevant to your blog’s focus you say? Well, there are often ways to make even the most remote events tie in to what you do. For instance, in the example above, our post focused on the impact 9/11 had on technology, thereby bringing the focus right back to one of our core competencies.

So, what will you blog on? What types of posts or content do you find generate the most traffic to your blog?

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