What have been the most significant PR trend / change in the PR market in 2014 in Saudi Arabia?


The second blog post of our running and current series “PR Trends of 2014” is provided by Wael Sabri MD of Global Arabia, GlobalCom PR Network member in Saudi Arabia


1)    Gamification has been a big word everywhere in Saudi market, from PR to social media to technology. It seems that every venue and industry is turning to gamification to grab user attention and increase their audience. In the coming year, gamification will be more important than ever.

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Whether it’s simple contests, giveaways that encourage users to spread the company message on different digital platforms or in-depth gaming experiences that spread a message, learning the ins and outs of gamification will become essential to gaining and keeping audience attention.

2)    Second PR trend was the Integration of visual media via social media and info graphics became a primary way to provide quality information that attracts the attention of users and is friendly for both computer and mobile users.

Studies have shown that people remember only 20% of what they read and that 83% of learning occurs visually. The massive popularity if visual social networks like Instagram, pin interest and Tumblr, demonstrate the emotional power of images to tell stories in a way that is proven to be far more memorable than mere words.

Saudi Arabia3)    Another trend of viral videos told more powerful stories and allowed greater engagement with consumers. The rise of info graphics also showed the capacity of visuals to break large chunks of data into digestible portions.




Stay tuned to learn more about the PR trends 2014 around the world each Thursday on this blog.

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