What I know about China

GlobalCom Partner PR People in HongKong is featuring our Blog post from today. CEO Mrs. Uhi Hui gives us some interesting and funny insights about the people and culture in China:


  1. Male Chinese who are good at cooking are considered “Good Man” and “Mr. Right”
  2. In young generation particularly in the 1st tier cities, female Chinese are more and more in strong position than male
  3. Chinese people are good at saving money instead of borrowing from bank or spending
  4. Chinese prefer to buy a house than to rent one, even if they have to borrow money from their parents
  5. Chinese like Koraoke
  6. Chinese prefer to eat in restaurants than cook themselves
  7. More and more Chinese like baking at home
  8. Chinese young ladies like to spend time and social with their “girlfriends”, shopping, afternoon tea, travelling, etc.
  9. Chinese like to take showers at night while Europeans like to do it in the morning.
  10. The one-child rule has been released, more and more young couples prepare for their 2nd child. This leads to the emergence of a new generation
  11. Chinese people love red color which symbolizes happiness and luck
  12. All Chinese are good at math and the ability of mental arithmetic
  13. Most of the Chinese people are friendly. It is easy to make friends with Chinese.
  14. Chinese are good at barging when buy things and they bargin from half price
  15. More and more people of the young generation don’t want to work hard or over time. They prefer to live a work balanced life.
  16. Living a healthy life is becoming Chinese religion
  17. Chinese spend money on luxury goods particularly those with logo outside, this is a kind of show-off and social status
  18. RMB ratio is going up, more and more Chinese consumers would go abroad for shopping brand goods;
  19. British Drama (such as Downton Abbey and Sherlock) are getting popular in China particular among Chinese young people aged 25-35.
  20. Chinese young female are obsessed in Korean Drama and TVB stars as well
  21. Chinese people never openly criticize, ignore or make fun of a person in front of others, even jokingly.
  22. Chinese may ask you about your personal questions or make observation about your age, income, religion or appearance.
  23. Chinese rarely say “please” or “thank you” as this is seen as unnecessary formality between friends and family.
  24. Chinese people are frank yet tactful, honest yet sophisticated, suspicious yet gullible, unscrupulous yet loyal, advocate etiquette yet often appear unmannered, stand for the golden mean yet are extreme, value the quality of being thrifty yet like to parade their wealth, maintain traditions when convenient yet love to chase modern fashion, believe contentment brings happiness yet often daydream about becoming overnight millionaires, believe the word of the fortune teller yet lack affiliation to any religion.
  25. Chinese are gregarious. They like to get together whether in big or small cities.




Author: Uhi Hui, GlobalCom Partner PR People

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