What type of reader are you?

For the first time last summer we looked at the topic of e-Reading, and shared our agency’s discussion “eReader versus Book” on the blog with you.

Meanwhile, the majority of us got into e-Reading – even though almost all of us continue to read books on the side. However, the variety of devices has significantly increased since last year. Today, both Amazon and our client Kobo are bringing out new products.

Kobo from Canada is launching three new devices today:

Kobo Glo – an e-Ink e-Reader, which is front-lit (finally putting to rest the typical male question: “if it doesn’t light up, how can you read in the dark?”)

Kobo Mini – including all major features of the “bigger” e-readers, but suitable for every coat pocket

Kobo Arc – an Android 4.0 multimedia tablet for book lovers who for forego e-Ink, instead wanting one device that will let them use films, TV series, music, internet and much more, alongside their books.

Aditional information on the new devices can be found at www.kobo.com or on the web.

The question now is what kind of reader you are: a traditionalist with a fondness for paper? Are you fan of e-Ink, looking for comfortable digital reading that won’t hurt your eyes – with an entire library in your bag? Do you prefer mini devices that fit into one hand? Or are you a multimedia kind of guy?

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  1. Sophie Schmid
    Sophie Schmid says:

    I’m more the traditionalist because I really love books and what it feels like to turn the pages.

    But every now and then I really like reading eBooks so I think I’d be the tablet-type.

  2. wibke
    wibke says:

    I’m definitely a big E-Ink fan since last year. I still love having books on my shelf but taking a whole library to one of my sailing or tracking tours without worrying about the battery is hard to beat.

  3. Dominique
    Dominique says:

    I love the eBook revolution. As a literature student, I have to read at least four novels a week, and having an eReader guarantees that I don’t have to lug them all from class to class. I definitely love having eReaders that fits all my handbags, rather than having to plan my handbag around which book I want to take along. It’s also great for holidays, because I no longer have to spend whole days searching endlessly around foreign countries for elusive (and often non-existent) English-language bookstores. Or worse, settling for the smutty holiday romance novels found on the shelves of B&Bs and hostels worldwide (!)
    At the same time, I go nuts over beautiful vintage paper editions of my favourite books. Also, it’s nice that your book never runs out of batteries!
    I’m not such a fan of reading novels on tablets, because it hurts my eyes, but find reading magazines and newspapers on them very useful. (Not to mention the added benefit of being able to watch videos that are integrated into the articles.


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