Why PR Pros Need Traditional Media

This week, I came across an interesting post from Elena Verlee that asks if traditional media is still needed for PR. With the increasing popularity of social media and the “death” of newspapers, many people seem to think that traditional media is not as useful as it once was.

In her post, Elena defends traditional media and gives us 5 reasons why we still need it:

  • Traditional media is recognizable.
  • Getting exposure through traditional media gives you instant status.
  • Traditional media still reaches large audiences.
  • Social media feeds on traditional media.
  • Traditional media outlets have a huge social media presence.

I have to agree with Elena’s points — while actual print newspapers and magazines may not be as popular as they were in the past, these publications are recognized by most people throughout the country, and even the world. Although many people might prefer to receive news from a blog or on Twitter, they will be impressed to find out that you were quoted in a Wall Street Journal article. Often times, if you get coverage in a print newspaper, it will be posted online and the article will be shared with the publication’s Twitter following — giving you a ton of exposure.

While I do believe social media will get increasingly popular and that people will ditch their newspapers for an iPad, I still think traditional media is valuable. For now, I feel that PR professionals are still going to pitch clients to the New York Times — what do you think?

This post was first published on March Communications’ blog, PR Nonsense, by Danielle Sherman and may be viewed here.

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